Kayak Chicago at your own pace, and on your own schedule with a Wateriders rental kayak!

Wateriders provides affordable kayak rentals at the north end of downtown Chicago from our dock at 950 North Kingsbury — right on the Chicago River and just minutes paddling from downtown!

Don’t waste time paddling to where the action is! Renting a kayak in downtown Chicago provides the easiest way to experience the beautiful Chicago river and lakefront: no hauling a kayak from home, no clean up after your excursion — just pure kayaking fun!

Wateriders rents a variety of single and double kayaks, all of which are expertly and lovingly maintained. We have numerous kayaks to choose from, and can accommodate groups from as small as two and as large as forty.




About Our Rental Kayaks


Wateriders rents sea kayaks by Old Town, Emotion and Prijon.

We offer both singles and doubles. Our well maintained rental kayaks always provide a safe and fun paddling experience, and we are expert at fitting our boats to paddlers of all shapes and sizes.

If you are a first time kayaker, but have done some canoeing, we generally suggest our double Old Town Dirigo which provides novice kayakers a comfortable, stable and fun introduction to kayaking.

Our single kayaks offer paddlers with some experience higher performance. We offer stable and fun single rental kayaks like the Emotion Advant Edge and Glide and the Old Town Vapor and Cayuga — kayaks that have consistently satisfied paddlers from around the world.

Details about our rental kayaks can be found at:

Old Town Double Dirigo

A tandem version of the popular recreation kayak. The breakthrough design gives the kayaker more-precise control while still offering a large non-confining cockpit. Easy-access storage areas include a dashboard dry hatch for wallet, glasses or cell phone. Simple and very forgiving — a great choice for first-time kayakers.


Emotion Advant-Edge

The Emotion Advant-Edge has an advanced hybrid hull which provides an exceptional blend of speed, stability, and performance. This boat offers superior handling and sea-worthiness. The ample cockpit enables easy entry and exit. It also incorporates a big, comfortable seat with plenty of back support. The interior storage units include 2 huge side pockets and a waterproof “glovebox”. The stern is bulk-headed for worry-free floatation and deck support. The aft deck hatch provides easy access so you can store even more stuff back there.


Emotion Glide

Emotion’s newest generation family recreational kayak, the Glide is the perfect blend of comfort, stability, and performance. The ultra lightweight design and construction makes it a joy to handle both on and off the water. Great initial stability for beginners; added secondary stability and V shaped hull aid tracking and performance for more experienced paddlers. This boat is the SUV of recreational kayaks for every member of the family.


Old Town Vapor

The Vapor goes way beyond the basics with features, while the Vapor 12XTS takes it a step further with a cover for the day well and an extremely comfortable seating system. These sporty kayaks offer a stable, efficient and comfortable ride.


Call Us For Expert Kayak Rental Advice!

If you have questions about what boat is right for you, please call 312-953-9287 and one of our experienced Chicago kayaking experts will be happy to help you select your perfect rental kayak. We’ll have your boat waiting for you!





Singles $20/hour
Doubles $30/hour

In seaon Hours:

Monday through Friday
12pm - 6pm

Saturday and Sunday
9am - 6pm
All boats back by 6:00pm!